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Livre d'or

Kings were not mistaken there, by choosing Touraine,
as cradle for their royalty.
Good fairies had already lent there to spread graces and beauties:

photo fee 1     Pierre de Tuffeau, robust enough to build churches, mansions and castles. Mild enough to sculpt and to carve History there: said about Touraine you will be the first jewel.

Loire, strange river, photo fee 2 savage and royal, you will bear life, will carry men and will irrigate the ground. Of Touraine, the second jewel you will be.

Vine of beauty, under which your sheets hidding place this bunch of life : you will comfort photo fée 3 the sorrows and will celebrate the joys and of Touraine the third jewel you will be...

Today, no need to be a king, to discover all that.

Then if you feel like it, come, push the door : the Pink Vines are awaiting for you.

Le clos des Vignes Roses - 16 route de la Chapelle 37140 Restigné - Phone : 06 62 82 41 20